Welcome to Dividend Diary.

This website is all about one of the most valuable things in life: Freedom. Freedom to do whatever you want, wherever you want and whenever you want.

But how to get rid of all the obligations that bind you temporally and geographically and keep you from doing as you really please?

Come and follow me on my journey to financial independence and find out how you can free yourself from all financial constraints!

Hi. I’m David.

Some time ago I realized that I expect more from life than being tied to an office day after day. So I began questioning if working for 30+X years and more could somehow be bypassed.

Ever since I have a clear goal: I want to retire early. Or in other words: I want to be financially independent asap and start to live a self-determined life again.

However, it took me a while until I realized that financial independence is achievable even with a middle-class income. How? Spend much less than you earn, invest your money as profitable as possible, and then live off your savings. True to the motto: save. invest. be free.

But what appears simple in theory, can be difficult to put into practice, as the path to financial independence requires more than just the right mindset.

It took me some time and effort to adopt the necessary tools. But the effort was well worth it. Thanks to a clearly defined strategy, I now approach financial independence step by step, day by day. My one-time dream is starting to become reality.

Now, if you have always longed for more self-determination in life, please take a seat and let us reveal the secrets behind financial independence and early retirement!

As such, the time seemed ripe to share my insights with the outside world. Although I’m convinced that only making your own experiences is the real deal, a glance at my methods could make you rethink your current consumption and saving habits.