Snapshot of the Week: Apple

My Snapshot of the Week gives you a short summary of a stock that currently looks particularly interesting to me.

This week’s focus: US technology company Apple.


My Stock Screener

I use my own stock screener to identify companies that perfectly fit my investment strategy. It determines the attractiveness of a stock based on 4 assessment criteria and finally leads to my personal screening result, which I call Dividend Diary score (also DD score or fka JiR score).

More information about my stock screening process can be found here:

Companies with a Dividend Diary score of

Apple in my Stock Screener

Apple currently scores a Dividend Diary score of 10.0 bonus points.

Conclusion: Apple is a Buy Candidate

With a Dividend Diary score of 10.0 bonus points, Apple is not only a candidate for my watchlist, but also a buy candidate for me. Should I initiate a position in this company, I’ll let you know as soon as I make the purchase.

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2 Replies to “Snapshot of the Week: Apple”

  1. Hi David
    Apple is a compelling company and currently very attractively valued . By any measure we like to use to assess its profitability and stability. The business clearly has some issues, don’t let’s forget that the company HAS to be innovative and constantly improving and developing its products. It’s not the same as Coca Cola, Hershey chocolate bar, Lindt & Sprüngli chocolate products or Marlboro cigarette. And here, I have to say that I haven’t seen many great ideas from the company in the past few years. I see a certain limitation of its pricing power and would like to see a more sustained and much more clever pricing policy. There are plenty of much weaker companies that at least apply much smarter pricing strategies.

    Neverteless, great company that defnitively is on my watch list too.

    Thanks for sharing your analysis.

    Financial Shaper

    1. Hi FS,

      Unfortunately, it seems like Apple has lost its innovative touch – at least for now. I still like their products a lot. However, when I just switched iPhones (from model 6 to 8), I almost didn’t even recognize the difference. Okay, the new one is a bit faster and battery life has improved. But apart from that, it feels more or less the same. I guess that’s one major reason why people won’t upgrade their iPhones as often as they used to in the past.

      Therefore, I would love to see Apple innovating the technology industry again. But at the same time, Apple already has such a huge customer base that it doesn’t need as much hardware sales as before to earn some serious money. Instead, the company can live well off its service business, which still shows a lot of growth potential – at least if the integrated Apple universe won’t collapse any time soon.

      Thanks for stopping by!

      – David

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