Income Statement April 2019

Thanks to my steadily growing portfolio of stocks, ETFs, bonds and other savings accounts, I approach financial independence one step at a time.

While dividend and interest payments provide me with a regular passive income, option trading offers me an additional source of active income.

Once a month, I keep track of my recent earnings. This is my monthly income statement for April 2019.

Passive Income

In April 2019, I earned €16.80 ($18) in passive income. This is significantly less than in April 2018, as two of my top dividend payers, Daimler and Munich Re, postponed their annual dividend payment from April to May this year.

Monthly Passive Income
Monthly Passive Income

Last month, my passive income only included the dividend payment from my FTSE North America-tracking ETF.

Active Income

In April 2019, my option trading activities resulted in a profit of €15.18 ($17).

Monthly Active Income
Monthly Active Income

I was able to realize €15.18 in premiums by selling two put options on
US pharmacy and drugstore chain Walgreens Boots Alliance.

Total Investment Income

Until the end of April 2019, I earned exactly €1,050.54 in investment income (previous month: €1,018.56 ) or €262.64 per month (previous month: €339.52).

Annual Investment Income
Annual Investment Income

I’m not yet on track for my annual goal, which is to generate an average investment income of €400 per month. However, May is traditionally one of my most profitable months of the year.

Target-vs.-Actual Income
Target-vs.-Actual Income


My investment income for 2019 is now expected to hit €4,075.19 (previous estimate: €4,040.05). This would be an increase of 12% compared to 2018.

How much investment income did you earn in April? Leave me a comment or get in touch with me on Facebook or Twitter!

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