Income Statement March 2019

Thanks to my steadily growing portfolio of stocks, ETFs, bonds and other savings accounts, I approach financial independence one step at a time.

While dividend and interest payments provide me with a regular passive income, option trading offers me an additional source of active income.

Once a month, I keep track of my recent earnings. This is my monthly income statement for March 2019.

Passive Income

In March 2019, I earned €552.58 ($622) in passive income. This is about 25% more than in March 2018.

Monthly Passive Income
Monthly Passive Income

Last month, my passive income included the quarterly dividend payments from British-Dutch oil and gas giant Royal Dutch Shell, US electric and gas utility company Southern Co and US biotech company Gilead Sciences as well as the half-yearly dividends of Japanese tobacco group Japan Tobacco and Danish insulin specialist Novo Nordisk.

Gilead Sciences€16.13€19.59+21.4%
Japan Tobacco€79.80€90.07+12.9%
Novo Nordisk€48.72€51.60+5.9%
Royal Dutch Shell€216.17€234.15+8.3%
Southern Co€46.92€52.95+12.9%

Additionally, several interest payments increased my cash position last month. Thanks to my savings accounts at Weltsparen*, I was able to earn €104.22 in interest income.

Active Income

In March 2019, my option trading activities resulted in a loss of -€592.59 (-$667).

Monthly Active Income
Monthly Active Income

On the one hand, I was able to realize €68.87 in premiums by selling put options on Altria, British American Tobacco and Philip Morris.

On the other hand, I had to repurchase two (uncovered) calls, after BAT’s stock price saw an unexpected rebound, which resulted in a loss of -€661.46.

Note to myself: Don’t ever sell uncovered call options again!

Annual Income
Annual Income

Total Investment Income

In Q1 2019, I earned exactly €1,018.56 in investment income (previous month: €1,058.57) or €339.52 per month (previous month: €529.29).

Due to my rookie mistake of selling uncovered call options, I’m no longer on track for my annual goal, which is to generate an average investment income of €400 per month. However, April can hopefully put me back on track.

Target-vs.-Actual Income
Target-vs.-Actual Income


My investment income for 2019 is now expected to hit €4,040.05 (previous estimate: €3,879.24). This would be an increase of 11% compared to 2018.

How much investment income did you earn in March? Leave me a comment or get in touch with me on Facebook or Twitter!

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