Passive Income January 2018

Thanks to my steadily growing portfolio of stocks, bonds and cash, I’m earning a regular passive income. However, I still don’t own any company which pays out its dividend in January. That is why I had no capital income last month.

Passive Income Monthly
Passive Income Monthly

A new passive income goal for 2018

Although I just missed last year’s goal of €200 in passive income per month, I set myself an ambitious goal again for 2018, which is a passive income of €250 per month or €3,000 per year.

Passive Income 2018 Target-vs.-Actual
Passive Income 2018 Target-vs.-Actual

Recent portfolio additions in January 2018

On my way to financial independence I constantly try to improve my income situation. To that end, I pursue a twin-track investment strategy.

At its core stands a broadly diversified ETF portfolio, which I manage through value averaging. In January, it became necessary to add to my MSCI North America position. In total, I had to buy 8 shares for which I paid €500.07.

My ETF portfolio is complemented by a high-yield stock portfolio, which I manage according to my own valuation metric. In January, I initiated a new position in Southern Company. In total, I bought 100 shares for which I paid €3,990.00.

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