Passive Income July 2018

Thanks to our steadily growing portfolio of stocks, bonds and cash, we’re enjoying the benefits of a regular passive income. However, we still don’t own any company which pays out its dividend in July. That is why we had no capital income last month.

Passive Income Monthly
Passive Income Monthly

Our dividend and interest income has therefore not seen any change last month. Since January we were still able to earn a total of €1,563.88. However, the lack of dividends in July reduced our average passive income to €223.41 per month (previous month: €260.65) or €2,680.94 calculated on an annual basis.

Passive Income Total
Passive Income Total

Our annual goal, which is to generate an average passive income of €250 per month, became slightly more unrealistic again last month. However, in August, we expect the quarterly dividends of the world’s largest telecommunications company AT&T and US retail pharmacy and health care company CVS Health as well as the semi-annually dividend payment by Danish insulin specialist Novo Nordisk. This income will definitely improve our statistic quite a bit.

Passive Income Target-vs.-Actual
Passive Income Target-vs.-Actual

Recent portfolio additions in July 2018

On our way to financial independence we constantly try to improve our income situation. To that end, we pursue a twin-track investment strategy.

At its core stands a broadly diversified ETF portfolio, which we manage through value averaging. In July, it became necessary to add to our STOXX Europe 600 and MSCI North America ETFs. In total, we had to buy additional shares for €1,350.10.

Our ETF portfolio is complemented by a high-yielding stock portfolio, which we manage according to our own valuation metric. However, we didn’t initiate any new position in July.

Our passive income for 2018 is now expected to hit €2,758.98 (previous estimate: €2,798.18). That would be an increase of 35.1% compared to 2017.

How did your passive income develop in July? Please let me know and leave a comment or get in touch with me on Facebook or Twitter!

4 Replies to “Passive Income July 2018”

    1. Thanks for stopping by, Rob! It’s always great to have an international audience here at Jung in Rente.

      I already thought about the same thing than you, just to have something to show in July (and October and January…). However, as I’m not yet dependent on my capital income, I don’t really care when the dividends are coming in.

      – David

  1. Hi David,

    Thanks for sharing your numbers. I have a couple of questions:

    – Where does your interest payments come from?

    – Being from Germany, have you considered investing in any of the European Crowdlending platforms?

    – Jørgen

    1. Hi Jørgen,

      First of all, welcome to our blog. It’s great to have you here!

      Our interest income mainly comes from two different sources:

      1. Turkish Lira bond (see here:
      2. savings accounts with different maturities

      I have heard a few things about crowdlending on different podcasts. The interest rates definitely look tempting. However, I still prefer a mix between stocks (high-risk) and savings accounts/cash (low-risk), as I cannot assess the risk of crowdlending (yet).

      How about you? Why do you prefer crowdlending to stocks?

      – David

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