Review, Preview and Goals 2019

Time has gone by fast. I can’t believe January is already in the books. So, it’s about time to set new goals for 2019.

Take a Look Back

Last year, I didn’t overcomplicate things and set myself only 3 goals:

As the following table shows, I didn’t reach all my goals in 2018. First and foremost, I couldn’t increase my savings rate any further.

However, my passive income has increased significantly.

This positive trend can be attributed to 2 facts:

Looking into the Crystal Ball

Nobody knows for certain if the bulls continue to hold the upper hand or if the markets switch back to crisis mode.

Fortunately, there are other factors that I’m in control of.


After my savings rate stagnated in 2018, I’ll try my best to finally reach a savings rate of at least 40% in 2019.

Because only if I save enough, I can invest enough to become (financially) free.


On my way to financial freedom, I permanently try to replace active by passive income.

However, this requires a sufficiently large portfolio.

Therefore, I intend to invest most of my savings in 2019. I aim to invest at least $27,000 in stocks and ETFs.

be free

Last year, I intended to generate a passive income of $3,400. Although this goal was quite ambitious, I always remember the following saying:

He who reaches all his goals has probably not chosen them high enough.

Therefore, I set myself again an ambitious goal and aim for a passive income of $5,400 or an average of $450 per month in 2019.

Conclusion: My Goals for 2019

Just like in 2018, I also set myself 3 goals for 2019:

  • a savings rate of at least 40%
  • new investments of at least $27,000
  • a passive income of $5,400

All 3 goals will be challenging. Nevertheless, I’m particularly curious if I’ll manage to reach my targeted savings rate this time.

What are your goals for 2019? Please let me know and leave a comment or get in touch with me on Facebook or Twitter!

If you’re interested, whether I achieve my new annual goals, check out my passive income. Here I keep track of my recent earnings.

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