Snapshot of the Week: Philip Morris

My Snapshot of the Week gives you a short summary of a stock that currently looks particularly interesting to me.

This week’s focus: US tobacco company Philip Morris.

Philip Morris

My Stock Screener

I use my own stock screener to identify companies that perfectly fit my investment strategy. It determines the attractiveness of a stock based on 4 assessment criteria and finally leads to my personal screening result, which I call Dividend Diary score (also DD score or fka JiR score).

More information about my stock screening process can be found here:

Companies with a Dividend Diary score of

Philip Morris in my Stock Screener

Philip Morris currently scores a Dividend Diary score of 1.2 minus points.

Conclusion: Philip Morris is on my Watchlist

With a Dividend Diary score of 1.2 minus points, Philip Morris is a candidate for my watchlist. But for now, I limit myself to sell put options with a strike price within my target price range.

What do you think about investing in tobacco companies and Philip Morris in particular? Please let me know and leave a short comment or contact me on Facebook or Twitter!

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Full transparency: All of my stocks, funds, bonds and options are subject to multiple risks. However, I’m neither a financial nor an investment professional. Hence, the presented information is not to be understood as any financial advice or recommendation. I’m not liable for any losses or suffering experienced by any party. More detailed information is available here (only in German).

2 Replies to “Snapshot of the Week: Philip Morris”

  1. Great company and I’ve sold a put on them as well. I figured (like you) that the option premium is always nice, and if we get assigned we have a good company for an amazing price and the dividend yield will be to die for! Nice post JiR!


    1. Thanks DI, it’s really great to get such positive feedback!

      As I said many times before, most big tobacco stocks seem to be fairly or undervalued right now. But since we already own two of them (Japan Tobacco, British American Tobacco), I must be even more demanding than usual. Otherwise our stock portfolio would have too much focus on just one subindustry.

      – David

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