Watchlist May 2019

Thanks to my steadily growing portfolio of stocks, ETFs and bonds, I approach financial independence one step at a time.

Once a month, I show you my current buy candidates.

This is my monthly watchlist update for May 2019.

My Stock Screener

I use my own stock screener to identify companies that perfectly fit my investment strategy. It determines the attractiveness of a stock based on 4 assessment criteria and finally leads to my personal screening result, which I call Dividend Diary Score.

More information about my stock screening process can be found here:

Companies with a Dividend Diary Score of

My Watchlist

My watchlist for May 2019 includes 12 buy candidates:

Company Dividend Diary ScorePortfolioSnapshot Target Price Industry Country
Walgreens Boots Alliance 19.4 50 Food & Staples Retailing US
British American Tobacco 12.1 28.5 Food Beverage & Tobacco UK
Imperial Brands 7.6 24 Food Beverage & Tobacco UK
WPP 6.6 44.2 Media UK
KDDI 5.3 19.8 Telecommunication Services Japan
BlackRock 4.4 313.5 Diversified Financials US
Intel 2.8 42 Information Technology US
Novo Nordisk 2.5 45 Pharmaceuticals, Biotechnology & Life Sciences Denmark
Omnicom 0.6 67.5 Media US
Japan Tobacco 0.4 19 Food Beverage & Tobacco Japan
Fresenius -0.7 42.75 Health Care Equipment & Services Germany
AbbVie -2.1 68 Pharmaceuticals, Biotechnology & Life Sciences US

This month, two new stocks made it on my watchlist:

On the one hand, there is Imperial Brands, another tobacco company.

On the other hand, I added US chip manufacturer Intel, which I recently presented in my Snapshot of the Week.

My Favorite

Every month, I browse my watchlist for the most promising buy candidate.

In May 2019, I once again chose Walgreens Boots Alliance (WBA).

Walgreens Boots Alliance

After WBA was already my top pick in April 2019, the company continues to be my favorite until today. That’s because the US pharmacy and drugstore chain fits perfectly to my needs:

Its stock currently looks cheap, it scores with a particularly strong earnings growth and also shows a robust earnings trend.

In addition, WBA has steadily increased its dividend for over 40 years and its stock yields 3.2%.

So it’s no wonder that Walgreens Boots Alliance currently has a positive Dividend Diary Score of as much as +19.4 points. A clear buy signal!

That being said, I still haven’t bought any shares yet. However, I already sold several put options with a strike price of $50, which made for more than $30 in option premiums.

Which stocks are currently your favorites? Please leave a comment or contact me on Facebook or Twitter!

My next watchlist update is expected to be released on June 21, 2019.

If you like my watchlist, you’re welcome to check out my stock series. Here you can find all companies that already went through my stock screener.

Full transparency: All of my stocks, funds, bonds and options are subject to multiple risks. However, I’m neither a financial nor an investment professional. Hence, the presented information is not to be understood as any financial advice or recommendation. I’m not liable for any losses or suffering experienced by any party. More detailed information is available here (only in German).

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